Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Chamber help me with a business issue that is being impacted by current or proposed legislation?

The Chamber represents a variety of business interests at the local, regional, state and national level. The Chamber does not lobby for any one particular issue or business. From time to time, the Chamber will endorse an initiative when the Board feels it’s in the best interest of the members AND the community. If your business faces potential adverse impact by proposed legislation, we encourage you to share that with Chamber staff.

Is the Chamber part of a state or national organization?

No. The Chamber is an independent 501c6 nonprofit organization with local business leaders serving as an elected board of directors. The Chamber will from time to time belong to other organizations based on programs and services provided. 

What is the Chambers Purchasing Policy?

The Chamber does its best to buy goods and services from Chamber members first and then from other community businesses. The Chamber does have to buy goods and services from time to time outside of the community and always looks for competitive pricing in doing so.

Does the Chamber run community events?

The Chamber actively supports a number of community events in Gardner and the surrounding area. Because of our limited staff, we look for ways to support events behind the scenes from planning to marketing to evaluation. We do currently coordinate the Johnson County Fair Parade, the Gardner City-Wide Garage Sale, Food Truck Frenzy events, and support the Gardner Farmers Market. 

Are there tax benefits associated with joining the Chamber?

It depends. We recommend you contact your accountant for more information. Fees paid to the Chamber for membership, programs, or services are not tax-deductible, however, they may be deductible as ordinary business expenses.

Can the Chamber help promote jobs we are looking to fill?

Yes! The Chamber maintains online job postings for a wide variety of jobs. Members may post jobs for FREE. Non-member job postings are also available for a charge.

What's the Chamber's relationship with the City of Gardner, New Century AirCenter, City of Edgerton, LPKC & USD 231?

The Chamber currently has a contract for services with the City of Gardner. 

The Chamber has a number of members located in New Century AirCenter and LPKC, but has no formal relationship with either entity.

The Chamber no longer contracts with the City of Edgerton, however, we still actively serve the Edgerton business community.

USD 231 is a valued member of the Chamber and we look for every opportunity to partner with the school district to further mutual goals.

How do I file a complaint about a business?

The Chamber always recommends you start by speaking with a manager or owner of the business. The Chamber has no authority to regulate the operations of any business. However, because we want businesses to be successful, we will always share feedback with the business in question. 

How do I start a business in Gardner?

Reach out to us at the Chamber and we will be happy to visit with you. Depending on your needs, we will connect you with resources to help you get your business off the ground.

Do you have to be a member to attend a Chamber event?

No. The Chamber welcomes anyone with an interest in advancing the prosperity of the business community to attend its events. While many events are free of charge (such as our monthly coffees), occasionally there is a fee associated with attending. We always welcome prospective members, guests, and visitors.

Is the Chamber part of the government?

No. The Chamber is an independent, 501c6 organization (as defined by the IRS) with a local board of directors, elected annually by the members of the organization. The Chamber occasionally may enter into a contractual agreement with local units of government for specific programs and services for the community.

Why Should I Join the chamber?

The Gardner Chamber is the #1 business reource in Southwest Johnson County. Whether you are just getting started or looking to grow your business in the community, we want to partner with you. When you join the Chamber, you get the resources to be successul AND a network of like-minded business leaders to celebate that success with.