Frequently Asked Questions

When is the city-wide garage sale?

Gardner’s City-Wide Garage sale is always the first full weekend in May.

Do I have to register to have a garage sale?

Registration is not required but is highly encouraged. With over 1500 unique visitors last year and many more expected
this year, your garage sale will be sure to get significant promotion through our online map!

Where do I find the map?

Gardner’s City-wide Garage Sale Map went fully digital in 2022. You can view it at
garage sale as soon as it is live for the event.

What are the advantages of registering my sale on the map?

Advertising your sale on the digital map gives you the opportunity to reach a very large audience. With over 1500 unique visitors in 2022 (in a 3-day span), the ability to list your unique items for sale, the option of displaying pictures with a
premium “Featured” listing, the mapping feature will bring customers right to your garage!

Is there a deadline?

Yes, the deadline for registering your garage sale is midnight the Thursday preceding the sale weekend. The dates will be
listed at .

What days and hours can I have my sale?

The official city-wide garage sale day is Saturday. However, you are welcome to have your sale the days prior to or
following the official day as you would like. These specifics can be listed at the time of registration.

Can I add specific items to my listing?

Can I add specific items to my listing?

Yes! You have the opportunity to list specific items in your sale description. In fact, we highly recommend that you be
as detailed as possible so that you grab buyers looking for specific things that may be in your list of items. There are also
“tags” within your registration to choose categories that might fit your sale. A “Basic” listing allows 2 tags, a “Featured”
listing allows unlimited tags.

Can I add pictures to my listing?

Yes! With our “Featured” listing option, you can add up to 5 pictures to your listing along with a larger character limit to
add more information to your sale’s description.

How do I pay for my registration?

Payment takes place online at the time of registration. Just follow the prompts to complete your registration.

More questions?

Contact Gardner Chamber of Commerce at [email protected] or call 913-856-6464 with any other questions.

Proceeds from Gardner’s City-wide Garage Sale registration go towards site maintenance fees and the Gardner Chamber of Commerce’s community initiatives.